December 10, 2017

Policy and Procedures 2018

Policy and Procedures 2018




The rules and /or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and by participating in these events, shall, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OR, OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport, and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.


The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein, or impose any further restrictions, that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OF SPECIFICATION. Any interpretation of or deviation from these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

-Team GCS


Note: Team GCS refers to all personnel and staff of Grayson County Speedway




  1. Team GCS reserves the right to alter the race program at any time for the improvement of the quality and/or convenience of the night’s schedule.
  2. Team GCS reserves the right to refuse entrance to any car, driver, owner, or any other person or persons to the pit area, infield, or grandstand area.
  3. Rainout Policy – If all heat races have been run we will call it a show and pay out start money only. If all heat races are not run, KEEP your pit pass or general admission ticket stub. You may use the armband or stub to get in free at one of the regular Saturday Night shows in the next 2 weeks.
  4. Anyone entering the race track premises does so at his/her own risk. Everyone entering the pit gate must personally sign a release. If you do not sign the release, you will not be allowed in to the pit area.
  5. At all times during a race program, all persons in the pit area are responsible to the pit steward. The flagman has control of the cars during the race. Decisions of Team GCS officials are final.
  6. Grayson County Speedway is not responsible for accidents of any nature, damage incurred, or loss by theft while on the premises of Grayson County Speedway.
  7. Any disorderly conduct to include fighting, vulgar language, unusual or inappropriate behavior, towards any member of Team GCS will NOT be tolerated and subject to permanent suspension from premises.
  8. Any malicious posts by drivers, crew or family on social media concerning GCS, GSC staff, drivers, or sponsors may result in immediate suspension. Keep it positive on forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we are not going to put up with any negativity.
  9. Contact with another car after the red, yellow, or checkered flag has been thrown will not be tolerated and will result in a disqualification – no points and no money! This is the minimum If a driver is blacked flag or Disqualified in the Tech area, the driver will lose money & position points for that night.
  10. Lapped cars will maintain their position for re-starts but may go to the rear if they elect to do so.
  11. The number of cars going to tech after each race will be posted on the line-up for that race. If you go to the pits before going to tech you will be disqualified from that race. If you are not sure where you finished go to tech anyway. Tech is located next to the hot pit area. Claims are made in the tech area immediately after the feature.
  12. All disputes will be reviewed and final judgement made on Wednesdays.



***GCS FANS and RACERS in General Admission***





  1. GCS is a place to bring your family and kids and this type of behavior is not acceptable! IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!


  • ALSO we will NOT be allowing the use of air horns ***




Consumption of alcoholic beverages by the driver or their crew, prior to or during the race program is strictly prohibited. Any person in the pit area during the race program with alcohol on his or her breath will be immediately removed from the pit area for the remainder of the race program. No consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed after curfew on GCS property.


GLASS containers are strictly prohibited. Team GCS assumes no responsibility and reserves the right to search all ice chests entering the facility. A second such offense will result in a permanent suspension from the pits. Illegal drugs in or around GCS property is strictly prohibited.


Persons injured while under the influence of alcohol or drugs forfeit all rights.




Protests must be filed as soon as heat races are complete to pit steward with cash deposit. Any item protested is $250 cash deposit. $50 goes to the race track and will not be refunded regardless of outcome of protest. If item protested is found legal cash deposit will be forfeited. If item is found illegal protester is refunded deposit minus $50 fee. Illegal car or driver refusing protest will be disqualified with no points or pay for the night, and will be teched again before next entered event.


Protesting and protested drivers plus one crew person allowed in tech/protest area. No one else will be allowed in the area.


*Team GCS reserves the right to refuse any protest.




Any disorderly conduct to include fighting, vulgar language, unusual or inappropriate behavior, or intentional destruction of property or equipment will not be tolerated and subject to permanent suspension from premises.





No passengers allowed under full race conditions.




No one shall claim any damages against any speedway official for reasons of disqualifications or damages to any property.


Rough driving WILL NOT be tolerated. Any driver disqualified for rough driving or unsportsmanlike conduct will receive no points and no pay.


Any driver black-flagged for safety or mechanical reasons will receive winnings and points for the event.


Any driver disregarding a black flag more than twice during a race will be disqualified, and will receive no points and no pay.


All drivers must stay in their cars as long as the race is going UNLESS your car is on fire or told otherwise by an official. PENALTY : Automatic DQ including loss of pay and point for the night.


Any driver change made without notifying Team GCS will result in the disqualification of the driver and the car, forfeiture of winnings and points for that event.




First night, all drivers draw for heats. Qualifiers redraw for starting positions. One heat – 5 redraw; two or five heats – 10 redraw; three, four or six heats – 12 redraw. NOTE: IMCA late models draw first two nights.



From second night on, heats are lined up by season IMCA point average, stagger inverted, lowest point average to front, highest point average to rear. New drivers carrying no point average start at the rear. Two or more drivers having no average or same point average will be lined up at discretion of officials.


Point averages are figured from IMCA point system. Average is figured by driver’s track IMCA point total divided by the total number of times he/she has competed at track.


“B” mains are lined up straight up from heats with highest finishers to front.


When one heat is run, top five qualifiers will be inverted for feature lineup according to season IMCA point average. When two or five heats are run, the top 10 qualifiers will be inverted for feature lineup according to season IMCA point average. When three, four or six heats are run, top 12 qualifiers will be inverted for feature according to season IMCA point average. IMCA and promoter reserve the right to relocate a driver from an invert position to the rear of the field if deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of all involved. Remainder of “A” feature is lined up straight up from heats and/or “B” features. NOTE: IMCA late models – 18 or more cars will require at least three heats. (Half-mile tracks have the option of not using three heats until there are 22 or more cars.)


A driver that qualifies but has no point average shall be lined up in last invert position. Should there be more than one driver with no point average, positions will be lined up at discretion of officials.


If a driver is absent for two consecutive events (excluding rain-outs), upon his/her return will start at the back of the heat as a new car, point average will apply to feature start.


Non sanctioned class feature winners start their next feature race from rear of the field.


No car will be allowed to enter race track once caution lights are out before the start of race.


Heat races are 8 laps – Trophy dash one lap per car. A-feature race 20 laps. Promoter reserves the right to change laps due to betterment of racing. Any changes will be posted with line up if possible.


Any driver competing in a second class must have car in staging if back to back events exist.


All starts are side by side, exiting turn four.


Restarts will be lined up leader front, side by side behind. Leader may restart race after entering turn three.


  1. Excessive cautions will result in single file restart.
  2. Jump starts could result in being penalized two positions for every one gained.
  3. In event of caution go single file so judges can check and align field.
  4. Single car cautions – heat races, car must exit track. In feature event multiple cautions by one car may result in car being sent off track.
  5. Restart line up board on front straightaway. Circled car numbers on the board indicate lapped cars. Judges line up and decisions are final.
  6. Any car dropping out of line up should get to infield or off track, all others in line move straight forward.
  7. Any competing vehicle that cannot maintain race speeds, that could cause safety problems, will be removed from track.
  8. When called for line up, be ready. We will start race on schedule. No car enters track once caution lights are out.
  9. Any car racing inside the infield tires could be scored one lap down from the remainder of the field.
  10. Only race officials and authorized persons are allowed on the race track or in the infield during competition. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement. Drivers are not allowed to work on or examine disabled cars in the infield during a race. Only wrecker and safety crews will be allowed on the race track in the event of an accident.
  11. Any driver caught by speedway officials participating in a race event without a helmet properly strapped on and/or safety belts securely fastened will be disqualified for that event.
  12. Cars must be able to start under their own power – Push start cars must go to the rear of the field.




Green – Start of race


Yellow – Caution on speedway


Red – Danger on speedway STOP!


Black – Exit speedway and consult with pit steward


White – Courtesy flag, one lap remaining


Checkered – End of race




Season registration is Free for 2018.


Car will not be registered until registration form filled out and submitted. If you are registered as an owner and change drivers during the year, you must register the new driver and pay all fees. A new number will need to be assigned prior to any race (the original car number stays with the original driver in same class).


If the driver goes to another class his number could be changed. If we are not notified of a driver change, he/she will not be able to collect winnings. If a driver change happens, and we are not notified, all tax statements will be sent to the owner of the car.


Every driver that drives in more than one class will be required to register each car and buy a pit pass for each car for each night raced.





Reserved parking will be for sale $50 a spot. That will be your spot all season.


For special event races, all pit parking spaces are first come first served. Area will be marked off for guests.


One reserved spot for one driver/car number.


Pit spaces are designated for tow vehicles and race cars. Any auxiliary pit vehicles must be parked within the confines of your pit space.


NO passenger vehicles in the pit area.





Auxiliary vehicles of any kind (golf carts, ATV’s, etc.) should be used for necessary transportation only.


Joy riding in the pit area is prohibited. Two wheeled vehicles are discouraged.


You must be 16 years old or older to operate auxiliary vehicles.


Auxiliary pit vehicles may carry only as many passengers as there are seats provided. No overloading of vehicles.


Auxiliary pit vehicles must be operated safely at all times. Excessive speed will not be tolerated. Any auxiliary pit vehicle operated in an unsafe manner will be parked/and or loaded up for the night.


All auxiliary pit vehicles must be parked and/or loaded up 30 minutes after the last race.


The driver/owner of any auxiliary pit vehicle assumes full responsibility for any bodily injury or property damage related to use of their vehicle.




The pit area will be closed one hour after the last race. All people and vehicles should be ready to exit upon facility lights being turned off.


At no time are personal vehicles or auxiliary pit vehicles allowed on the race track following the races.




Excess speed and disregard to safety in pit area will not be tolerated. Any race vehicle, ATV, etc. caught speeding will be subject to a cash fine.




All drivers must be at least 12 years of age (proof of age required). Drivers under 18 years of age must have a signed and notarized parental consent form by parents or legal guardians (guardianship papers required) and said document must be in the hands of the track official before participation of said individual will be allowed.


MINOR RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: Those under 18 years of age (proof of age required) must have a form filled out completely by both natural parents or legal guardians (guardianship papers required) in the presence of a notary. The form must have the seal of the notary before the minor will be allowed to enter the pit area. The form will be on file with the Grayson County Speedway officials. Insurance does not cover anyone under the age of 18 without this completed form. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!




No person other than safety personnel or officials are allowed on the race track at any time.


Owners and/or drivers will be responsible for the conduct of their pit crew and/or any person signing in with their car.


All property surrounding the track, especially the property behind and beside the track are restricted areas. People found in these areas will be escorted off of the entire premises for the remainder of the event.


The pit area is NOT a playground! Parents are responsible for their own children.


Every driver is responsible for his or her starting position in each race. Pit steward will not individually notify drivers. Your line up will be posted at the pit shack. It is your responsibility to be in staging area and lined up. Races will run promptly.


Driver meetings start before the races and all drivers are required to attend. If you miss the pit meeting, do not question any part of the program or calls made during the program. The meeting is for your benefit.


GCS is not responsible for accidents of any nature, or damages incurred, or loss by theft, while on the premises of Grayson County Speedway.


All race car numbers must be registered with speedway officials. A registered car not participating in at least one race night before May 1 will forfeit his number and registration fee.


All Drivers must be strapped in and helmet on anytime while in motion.


All cars must be checked in before participating in any event in order to receive winnings & points for that event.


Officials are not allowed to work on racecars. Repairs will not be allowed to any racecar during the race or cautions.


Any car changes must be done before signing in at the pit shack and confirmed with the official on duty. Once cars are signed in at the pit shack there will be no changes.


The car you qualify in, you run the rest of the night, this includes IMCA classes


Firearms: are not allowed within the confines of Grayson County Speedway property.


Special events may be governed by different rules and rule changes.


All injuries must be reported before leaving the premises on the day or night the injury incurred. Injuries sustained from fighting, neglect for safety and/or policy/procedures not followed, will not be covered by insurance. Persons injured while under the influence of alcohol or drugs forfeit all rights to any insurance claims.


Barred: At the discretion of the speedway, your car may also be barred for this duration. You will not be allowed on the premises of Grayson County Speedway for the duration of your term.


PIT ARM BANDS: Pit armbands must be worn on the right arm and visible at all times. Anyone found guilty of letting unauthorized persons (those not signed in on insurance sheet) use his or her armbands will be dealt with severely. Any person wanting to meet you in the pit area before the races have ended must have a pit pass.


VIP\FREE PIT PASSES: These passes are for spectator use only and will not be considered as a pass to Race. If Pit Passes are given under an event where your racecar was on display and used to promote GCS, the pass will be accepted as a Race pass. If a VIP\Free Pit Pass is used to Race you will be charged for a minimum of 2 Pit Passes that will be subtracted from your payout wining’s.


PAYOUTS: Winnings are collected at the ticket booth behind the grandstands. Window will close one (1) hour after the completion of the last race that day or evening.


  1. Individuals picking up purse money must present a pay card and sign your name legibly.


  1. Individual picking up any purse must verify the amount of money in that envelope before leaving the pay window. No exceptions!


  1. Money not picked up within the time limit will be held until the following week.


  1. Purse not picked up at end of racing season will be donated to end of the year awards.


Any ruling not covered herein shall be decided by Team GCS.




Rules apply at all times car is on track. Snell-rated SA2005, SA2010 or SA2015 helmet required. Roll bar padding required in driver compartment. Recommended: Fire retardant padding. SFI-approved full fire suit required. Fire retardant gloves, shoes and neck brace (or head and neck restraint) required. Right and left seat head supports required if using head and neck restraint system. Recommended: Fire retardant head sock and underwear, collapsible steering shaft. Driver-side window net required, minimum 16 inch by 20 inch ribbon or mesh style, and must be mounted to roll cage so latch is at top front of window. Minimum three inch (two inch with head restraint system) wide SFI-approved five point safety belt assembly required, must be mounted securely to main roll cage. Recommended: Safety belts no more than two years old. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’.


All cars are subject to a safety and technical inspection at any time at the track. Approval of a vehicle by a track inspection means only that the vehicle is approved for participation in a racing event and shall not be construed in any way to mean the inspected vehicle is in a mechanically safe and sound condition. Officials can disqualify any car or driver for any perceived unsafe equipment or actions.


  • Recommended All cars should have a working fire extinguisher in drivers reach.


  • The track director may at any time require a physical examination of any driver before he/she is allowed to compete.


  • All drivers when on the track at any time must wear an approved racing helmet and safety belt and shoulder harness buckled.


  • Helmets must be of approved type, full coverage and designed for auto racing.


  • Each and every car must be equipped with a three-inch (3″) nylon, metal-to-metal buckle, quick release or Driver must wear arm restraints, safety belt and three-inch (3″) shoulder harness to be secured around frame and roll cage and fastened by chain or cable. No chest or breast belts to be used.


  • All drivers must have a fire retardant driving suit – No Holes!!


  • All class drivers must have and wear a neck brace, arm restraints or window net, racing type shoes, and gloves. This is mandatory.


  • All DRIVESHAFTS must be painted WHITE  and have a 360-degree drive shaft loop constructed of at least 0.25 inch by 2 inch steel, or 1 inch tubing, mounted six inches back from the front U-Joint.


  • All drivers must stay in their cars as long as the race is going UNLESS your car is on fire or told otherwise by an official. PENALTY : Automatic DQ including loss of pay and points for the night.


  • All weights (in classes that allow) must be secured by a minimum of two (2) ½ inch bolts in a secure manor.


  • A safety firewall is required between gas tank and driver. Must pass safety inspection.


  • All batteries must be in sealed enclosure and securely mounted if located in drivers compartment, recommended to be in the trunk area and must be between and above frame rails, must be covered with rubber, subject to track safety inspection and approval.


  • All cars must have four (4) wheel working brakes that are capable of sliding all four tires upon inspection unless class rules specify differently. Brakes will automatically be checked upon any protest for any item. No cutoff valves allowed per IMCA rules. No floating brake systems.


  • All cars must have a working reverse.


  • All cars must be equipped with a throttle closing spring at the carburetor.


  • All cars must have bars of no less than one-quarter inch (1/4″) diameter in windshield area in front of the driver.


  • Steel Door Plate, 18 gauge or .049- inch minimum thickness must be securely welded to outside of door bars and cover the area from top door bar to bottom door bar and from rear down hoop to five (5) inches in front of seat. Must be visible for inspection.


  • No traction control devices of any kind will be allowed in any class. If caught with one, you will be disqualified and barred from GCS for 2 weeks. Second offense – No Return.


  • If car or chassis is damaged in competition and cannot be repaired per track rules it will not be allowed to continue. Check with track officials for repair and decision will be made and recorded.




  • Fuel tank caps with aircraft style locks are recommended. They are required in IMCA classes.





When you sign the WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT upon pit entrance, you also acknowledge that you have read and agree with GCS Race Policy and Procedures.