Novice Stock Truck Rules

By Racer Joe on

The New rules will be added to the Novice Stock class.

1/2 ton (eg d100, c10, f100) and 5/8 ton (eg d150, f150, 1500) truck allowance rules for novice stock. No 3/4 ton or higher permitted.

1. Lowering of the truck is allowed Based on the following below.
2. Rear axle can be moved on top of leaf springs but has to remain in same spot. Leave the original spring perch on top of the axle and weld new spring perch directly underneath. Do not change location. Drop shackles can be used instead if available.
3. Minimum spring length on front springs is 9 inches….
4. Drop spindles are allowed where/when available.
5. Removal of rear tail gate is allowed can be replaced with sheet metal. Or run no tail gate. Truck bed can be covered if wanted but not necessary.
6. Fuel cell is to be located in the bed of the truck secured properly and not to extend higher than 5 inches over the sides of the truck bed.
7. All other rules from cars to be applied to trucks unless otherwise stated above is over ruling.