July Charity of the Month Women Rock

By teamgcs on

Women Rock, Inc, is a not for profit organization that is on a mission to save lives through increasing awareness and the early detection of breast cancer in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Women Rock Inc.’s vision is to spread breast cancer awareness and education, and increase early detection procedures and participants, in order to maximize breast cancer detection while focusing on women who suffer disproportionately due to socioeconomic circumstances.

We will take education to people in the communities of Northeast Texas with a mobile teaching setup. Our government funds programs that provide screening exams for women that qualify, but for every five women that qualify, only one is being assisted! Many women are getting left out! Every woman should have the opportunity to have a screening mammogram, and a chance at early detection.

It’s that simple. Early detection saves lives! Women Rock wants to close the gap and provide mammograms to those women that are slipping through the proverbial cracks.

100% of Donations will be given to Women Rock, Inc.

Please ask about the forms that you or your child can use to help get donations.  (There will also be a donation box at the front ticket booth, the pit ticket booth, the pit shack and Watsons Burger Shack every Saturday night through July 26th)

One  Boy and One Girl that raises the most money for Women Rock in the month of July will receive a new bicycle on Saturday, August 2nd

Thank you for your support!

Team GCS