Grayson County Speedway Improvements and Enhancements!

By Racer Joe on

Car Counts have increased each and every week during this 2013 race season!
Dennis and the crew want to personaly thank everyone who has been out to support your race track this year!

He would also like to invite those that havn’t visited for a while to give us another look. As has been the case for nearly 40 years, GCS gets a little better each and every year!

Look around and you will see several improvements made by the crew in their short time running the track.

Men’s Bathroom was leveled (NO SMALL TASK)
New lights going up for reserve parking area and pits.
New speakers for entire pit area.
Pit electrical boxes have been reworked.
Mini sprints have been added every other week for even more excitement!
A pit food stand was added for racers convenience.

These are small steps but they are all intended on giving everyone the best place that Dennis can.