General Racing Rules

General Racing Rules
Grayson County Speedway
1. Grayson County Speedway reserves the right to change the program or rules at any time for the improvement of safety and the racing program. Where no rules apply, common sense and good judgment will apply. All decisions of an irregular type will be made by Grayson County Speedway officials and discussed in their entirety before a decision is made.
2. The driver shall be the spokesman for the car owner and the pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race, the driver only shall take part in any arbitration with the officials in charge.
3. Refusal of any owner, driver or pitman to abide by the set rules and the usual policy of conducting auto races will be grounds for the officials to refuse to let such person or car take part in the race program and/or penalties as management sees fit.
4. Drinking of intoxicating beverages by a driver or his pit crew on racing premises in advance of, or while competing in any program is strictly forbidden. Any person who shows evidence of having partaken of alcoholic beverages will be required to leave the premises immediately and may be subject to a fine of no less than $ 200.00. Use of illegal drugs at any time shall be cause for immediate, indefinite suspension and/ or fine no less than $ 200.00. Glass containers are not allowed on the Grayson County Speedway property. Repeated glass being found in your pit spot is grounds for a fine.
5. No person shall subject any official or employee to abuse or improper language at any time. VERBAL ASSAULT by anyone on the flagman, or any track official, or employee, will result in loss of purse and up to a $200.00 fine and may be required to leave the premises immediately.
6. PHYSICAL ASSAULT by anyone on the flagman, or any track official, or employee, will result in loss of purse up to a $300.00 fine and other disciplinary actions may be taken.
7. No participant shall participate in fights in the pits or on racing premises at any time. You may be fined up to $200, and other disciplinary actions may be taken. If you go to someone’s pit, you are in the wrong, every time, period.
8. Any disorderly conduct to include fighting, bad language, unusual or inappropriate behavior, or intentional destruction of cars or equipment will cause suspension from premises for length of time deemed necessary by Grayson County Speedway officials. Once suspended, and individual may be required to post a cash bond or fine before being allowed to return.
9. If a driver is barred for bad conduct, his car may also be barred for the same period of time.
10. No firearms are allowed within the confines of Grayson County Speedway property.
11. Anyone carrying lug wrenches, jack handles or club like objects within the intent of causing bodily harm is subject to permanent barring.
12. The patrolmen on duty are given the right by management to enforce the rules and regulations of Grayson County Speedway as well as all county, state and federal laws.
13. Owners and/or drivers will be responsible for the conduct of their pit crew and/or any person signing in with their car. Police your own crew, family, children and friends. Keep track of them. They are not allowed on the private personal property surrounding the track, especially the property behind and beside the track or Restricted areas. People found in these areas will be escorted off of the entire premises for the remainder of the event. The pit area is NOT a playground! Parents must be responsible for their own children.
14. This is not a racetrack for the 4-wheelers, golf cars or pit bikes. These vehicles are a convenience for you. Do not abuse the privilege of bringing them or you will lose the privilege. Speed limit for the pit area is 5 miles per hour. Do not let your kids play on the vehicles. If you speed in the pits, you will be disqualified. This is for everyone’s protection.
15. Any unauthorized participant or family entering the judges stand, announcers booth or flag man’s stand will be disqualified and lose all points and money for the entire program. Fines and other disciplinary action may be enforced.
16. Management is not responsible for accidents of any nature, or damages incurred, or for loss by theft, while on the premises of Grayson County Speedway.
17. Only one (1) towing vehicle per trailer and racecar allowed in the pit area.
18. Every driver is responsible for his or her starting position in each race. Pit steward will not individually notify drivers. Your line up will be posted at the pit shack. It is your responsibility to be in staging area and lined up. Races will run promptly. Be lined up on time or miss your race.
19. Any member, driver, owner, pit crewman of any car who deliberately obstructs any racecar will be disqualified and lose all points and money for the entire program. Fines and other disciplinary action may be enforced.
20. Pit meetings start before the races, and all drivers are required to attend. All cars not at track and signed in 60 minutes prior to start of event will start heat from the rear. If you miss the pit meeting, do not question any part of the program or calls made during the program. The meeting is for your benefit.
21. All cars will help pack the track, or will start on the back. If you have mechanical issues that do not allow you to pack the track, notify a track official immediately.
22. No trial runs unless the track is open for it. Get permission first. No hot lapping behind any race that is taking place.
23. All cars will be subject to inspection at any time, for compliance with the rules.
24. At the discretion of GCS officials, any car can be disqualified for safety reasons.
25. Pits must be cleared as soon as possible after the last race. Lights will be turned off shortly after the last race is finished. No one will play on the track after the night’s races have concluded without permission. Otherwise, the light will be turned off when the announcer’s booth is cleared. As a courtesy to our neighbors, no racecar should be fired any more than 1 hour after the last race. Get the cars on the trailer, then sit and talk with your friends.
26. LINE UPS—Lineups are your responsibility! If you are not lined up and ready to go, you will miss your race or start on the back. NO EXCEPTIONS! You will be given one lap around the track and will start the race the next time around. Be lined up and ready. If you cause a delay on the start, you can be put on the back.
27. The racing director or starter has the authority to start any event whether all cars called to the track are ready or not. Any car that does not take his position when called will be scratched. No car may enter the race after 1st completed lap.
28. *** NEW RULE*** Vacation Day – Each racer is allowed one vacation day per season. A TWO WEEK written notice and a $25 fee is required. You will need to give the date you will not be racing and you will then receive last place track points for that day on your request. (a request form can be requested in the pit booth)
29. Rain Out Policy – If all heat races have been completed it is considered a race program. If all heat races have not been completed, Keep your tickets and pit passes and they will be honored at the next regular scheduled race.
30. Any heat that is 76% completed and stopped may be considered a race; back to the last completed lap for the finished results. Payoff will be the same as the last completed lap. The race is over, regardless the number of laps, when the checkered flag is given. Except the feature race will be 100% completed.
31. In the heat race, if the race is stopped for you alone you will go to the pits. If more than one car is involved in the caution flag then both cars may start on the rear. At the official’s discretion, a driver may be given his spot back if he was clearly the victim of rough driving.
32. In the feature race, if the caution flag goes out for you more than once, for any reason you will go to the pits.
33. *** NEW RULE *** At start of race the car on the pole has the start. Starting point is anywhere from apex of turn 3 and 4 to the yellow tire.
34. Restart procedures: ***REVISED***
 Lapped cars will go to the rear of the field
 Ten (10) or less: single file restart; lead car in front
 Eleven (11) or more: double file restart; lead car in front
 If a race drags on, we will go back to single file at the flagman’s discretion.
36. Special events may be governed by different rules and rule changes. If so, amendments to these rules will be issued to the drivers.
37. The judges and starters decisions are final in all cases.
38. If for any reason you are barred. At the discretion of the speedway, your car may also be barred for this duration. You will not be allowed on the premises of Grayson County Speedway for the duration of your term.
39. Any protested car found illegal will be docked 35 Grayson County Speedway Points and lose all money, and points earned that night.
40. PROTEST FEES: In the event the protested car is found illegal then 75% of the protest fee shall be returned to the protestant. In the event the car is found legal for items protested, then 75% of the protest fee shall be paid to the car owner or driver of the protested car. In either case 25% of the total protest fee shall be retained by G.C.S. for expenses or additional administrative time.
41. Motor claims will be governed by IMCA rules except where noted in class specific rules.
42. Muffler Rule: ALL cars will be required to run mufflers. Modifieds and Southern SportMods will be required to run IMCA # 609. Any car that registers 98db or higher when measured from the scoring stand will be disqualified. Cars will be measured on the back strait.
43. No working on racecar during races, however an official may remove a part that is deemed unsafe. If a part is removed from your car due to safety issues, you will get your position back.
44. All drivers must understand the flags. Failure to obey the flagman will bring disqualification. The flagman’s decision will be final during any event. Failure to see the flag will not be considered an excuse. Any argument concerning his decision may result in disqualification for that race program.
 Green Flag– Start of Race
 White Flag –One lap to Finish
 Checkered Flag –End of Race
 Yellow Flag –Slow, Don’t pass. Prepare for a restart. There is danger on track.
 Red Flag- Slow to a stop immediately, Emergency vehicles are entering the track. Pull to a safe place on the infield.
 Black Flag –Disqualification, go to the pits.
 Rolled-up BLACK is a 1-time warning for an observed offence. STOP THE OFFENCE OR BE “BLACK FLAGGED”.
 Blue and Yellow flag– Move over
45. BLACK FLAGS – We DO have black flags and will use them. If there is a safety / mechanical issue or rough driving you will be given the black flag and be required to go to the pits.
46. ROUGH DRIVING – Rough driving WILL NOT be tolerated.
47. Driver will not un-strap and get out of the car during races on the track unless there is a fire, extended red-flag, a track official asks him to get out, or medical emergency. If the driver gets out of his car under any condition not listed above, he will be black-flagged for that race resulting in disqualification.
48. If car loses power in a race pull into the center of the infield so the race can continue.
49. If you disagree with a decision the flagman has made do not come to the flag stand. If you need to speak to the flagman wait until all races have ended. Give yourself some time to cool off and speak with a civil tone.
 Cars must be painted in colors that contrast with the number. Example: Dark Colored car with light legible colored numbers.
 All cars must be numbered and no three digit numbers or letters.
 Numbers should be a bright contrasting color.
 Numbers on car must be at least eighteen inches (18″) high and two inches (2″) thick. They must be on both doors, trunk and on TOP OF CAR. Legible to the scorers or will be asked to change them. If scorers are unable to read your number, you will not be counted in laps.
 No duplicate numbers. Out of town cars that have duplicate numbers will be assigned another number for that night.
 All cars should have a working fire extinguisher in drivers reach.
 The track director may at any time require a physical examination of any driver before he/she is allowed to compete.
 All drivers when on the track at any time must wear an approved racing helmet and safety belt and shoulder harness buckled.
 Helmets must be of approved type, full coverage and designed for auto racing.
 Each and every car must be equipped with a three-inch (3″) nylon, metal-to-metal buckle, quick release, safety belt and three-inch (3″) shoulder harness to be secured around frame and roll cage and fastened by chain or cable. No chest or breast belts to be used.
 All class drivers must have and wear a neck brace, arm restraints or window net, and fire retardant driving suit, racing type shoes, and gloves. This is mandatory.
 All DRIVESHAFTS must be painted WHITE and must be LOOPED at the front. Minimum of one-quarter inch (1/4″) steel one inch (1″) wide.
 All drivers must stay in their cars as long as the race is going and until the appropriate flag is out.
 All weights must be secured by a minimum of two (2) ½ inch bolts in a secure manor.
 A safety firewall is required between gas tank and driver. Must pass safety inspection.
 All batteries must be covered with rubber and securely fastened to the frame (bolted) and must not be in the same compartment as the driver.
 All cars must have four (4) wheel working brakes that are capable of sliding all four tires upon inspection unless class rules specify differently. Brakes will automatically be checked upon any protest for any item. No cutoff valves allowed. IMCA per their rules. No floating brake systems.
 All cars must have a working reverse.
 All cars must be equipped with a throttle closing spring at the carburetor.
 All cars must have bars of no less than one-quarter inch (1/4″) diameter in windshield area in front of the driver.
 Steel Door Plate, 18 gauge or .049- inch minimum thickness must be securely welded to outside of door bars and cover the area from top door bar to bottom door bar and from rear down hoop to five (5) inches in front of seat. Must be visible for inspection.
 No traction control devices of any kind will be allowed in any class. If caught with one, you will be fined $1000 dollars, all points and money for the night will be lost, plus track and season points (up to and including that night) will be lost, plus two (2) weeks suspension from the track.
 If car or chassis is damaged in competition and cannot be repaired per track rules it will not be allowed to continue. Check with track officials for repair and decision will be made and recorded.
 Fuel tank caps with aircraft style locks are recommended. They are required in IMCA classes.
52. Registration / Parking / Pay Window logistics:
 Registering Cars: Car owners must register their car numbers with Grayson County Speedway for 1099 purposes. Registration fee is $35.00. No car will be registered until the registration fee is paid in full, prior to any race. If you are registered as owner and change drivers during the year, you must register the new driver and pay all fees and receive a new number prior to any race (the original car number stays with the original driver in same class). If the driver goes to another class his number could be changed. If we are not notified of this change in drivers, he/she will not be able to collect winnings. If a driver change happens, and we are not notified, all tax statements will be sent to the owner of the car.
 Registration Form: Every driver that drives in more than one class will be required to register each car and buy a pit pass for each car for each night raced.
 Your winnings are collected at the ticket booth behind the grandstands.
 Cars that appear for a race program and have not registered will be required to pay the registration fee and register their car.
 Any cars having a duplicate number will be required change the number on the car.
 Pit Parking can be reserved for $35 for the entire year.
 PIT ARM BANDS: Pit armbands must be worn on the right arm and visible at all times. Anyone found guilty of letting unauthorized persons (those not signed in on insurance sheet) use his or her armbands will be dealt with severely. Any person wanting to meet you in the pit area before the races have ended must have a pit pass.
 All drivers must be at least 12 years of age (proof of age required). Drivers under 18 years of age must have a signed and notarized parental consent form by parents or legal guardians (guardianship papers required) and said document must be in the hands of the track official before participation of said individual will be allowed.
 MINOR RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: Those under 18 years of age (proof of age required) must have a form filled out completely by both natural parents or legal guardians (guardianship papers required) in the presence of a notary. The form must have the seal of the notary before the minor will be allowed to enter the pit area. The form will be on file with the Grayson County Speedway officials. Insurance does not cover anyone under the age of 18 without this completed form. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
 Insurance Benefits: It is compulsory that all race car owners, drivers, mechanics, officials and all others who enter the pit area and will read and acknowledge by signature on the form releasing Grayson County Speedway and/or sanctioning body from any claim for personal injury, damages or loss of any personal equipment. To include tow cars, tools, push cars, ambulances, welders, etc.
 INJURY: Any person sustaining injury in the competition area must report the injury to the front ticket booth officials within 15 minutes after the accident. All pit crew should be advised of this. Failure to do so could void your insurance benefits. Be sure that someone fills out insurance form that night.
 Track officials reserve the right to refuse entrance to any car, driver, owner or any other person or persons to the pit area, infield or grandstands.
 Points and awards will accrue in driver’s name and number in each class. Once a number has been issued to a driver that will be his or her number for the entire season, in that class. If the driver chooses to change cars he must use his issued number. In the event two different drivers drive the same car, each driver will be required to pay the registration fee in order to receive winnings. Any driver caught driving a car he is not registered for; neither he nor the registered driver will receive any points or money that night. Any driver changes in any car without notification to lappers will receive no money or points or anything for the night.
 Any car changes must be done before signing in at the pit shack and confirmed with the official on duty. Once cars are signed in at the pit shack there will be no changes. Whatever car you qualify in, you run the rest of the night in. This includes IMCA classes
 If a driver misses two (2) consecutive weeks (excluding rainouts), upon his/her return shall be treated as a new car for the first week he/she returns.
 The payout window will close one (1) hour after the completion of the last race of the evening.
 Pay for the night must be picked up within two (2) weeks or it will be forfeited.