Official Contacts of GCS

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To stay up to date on news and information you can visit our website, Facebook and our automated message. Facebook will be the first place we make posts. You can get to our Facebook page by our website, by using the icon on top or bottom. If searching for our page there is an unofficial …

Stay Informed!

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The easiest way to get notices and race results is to sign up on the website home page and Subscribe Via Email. As soon as we make a post you will get it in your inbox!

Grayson County Speedway Improvements and Enhancements!

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Car Counts have increased each and every week during this 2013 race season! Dennis and the crew want to personaly thank everyone who has been out to support your race track this year! He would also like to invite those that havn’t visited for a while to give us another look. As has been the …